Use "QuickFind Luggage Tags" to quickly recover your lost luggage!
"QuickFind Tags" can be scanned with any smartphone to quickly find and contact owners of lost luggage!
QuickFind Luggage Tags™ not only enable you to get your lost luggage back quickly, but also eliminate the need for having to disclose your home address and other personal information on standard luggage tags. This provides a layer of protection from mail/ID thieves and burglars who may be able to receive photos of your luggage tag from unsavory individuals while you are away from home. In the event that your luggage does become lost while traveling, airport personnel or anyone with a smartphone can simply scan your QuickFind Tag™ or enter your owner contact code online and instantly see your contact information show on their phone's screen. Your home address is never shown and contact is made through the system without revealing your email address. Additionally, anyone who finds your lost luggage can call the toll free number on the tag for live operator assistance.
Sample QuickFind Tag
Scan the above QuickFind Tag with your smartphone to see how quickly you can be contacted!

To install a QR Code Reader App on your smartphone, using your phone's browser, go to

If you are viewing this page on a smartphone, iPad or tablet, tapping on the above sample QuickFind Tag will show the same scan results.

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QuickFind Tags come in quantity of 48 - 1" x 1" tags.
Regular price $29.95 - Premium Member price, only $19.95!
Luggage Tag, $7.95
Pin-on Clothing Buttons are also available. $2.95

"QuickFind Tags" also include Owner Contact Service Live Operator Assistance!
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